Ex-developer is recruiting tech talent!

Hello! I'm Jacek and I've worked 15 years as software dev and architect. For over 2 years I'm helping companies recruit top talent. I have a great network of tech people and I know how to attract them to your job offer.

You can contact me at jacek@16bitrec.pl

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Recruiter on demand

You can hire me on demand, to help with troubled or technical heavy recruitment projects. Starting at 55 EUR / hour.

Some of my long-time clients
Case studies

Don’t just take my word for it.

Check out some example hiring success stories from my clients

Scale your engineering teams

Worksuite 9 hires First candidates after 3 days

Worksuite needed to scale their engineering teams. See how we've promoted the unique Worksuite culture and helped hiring 9 people including: Fullstack Engineers, DevOps Engineers and QA Engineers.

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Hire the first candidate

CoinMetro First candidate hired 2 weeks to hire

It’s not an exception that we’re closing a position with the first presented candidate. Hiring a Senior SysOps Engineer can be a challenging task. See how we’ve helped Coinmetro to close this position within 2 weeks.

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