Scaling Worksuite's engineering teams

Worksuite + 16bit Recruitment case study

9 hires 3 roles 3 days to first candidate 2 weeks to first hire

Business need

Worksuite is a complete, customizable solution to help you grow and organize your global freelancer network. Worksuite is used by the world’s most recognized organizations and has more than 200,000 users. They have approached us with a need to grow their engineering teams including Fullstack Engineers, DevOps Engineers and QA Engineers. What we've found unique about Worksuite was their 3F Cultural Core Principles: Family first, Flexibility and Fairness.


As Worksuite already had a robust and established recruitment process we've decided to limit the scope of services to creating a recruitment strategy that will promote the unique culture and a precisely targeted sourcing.

To attract relevant candidates and promote Worksuite's unique culture we've come up with an innovative marketing approach that includes copywriting messaging and job descriptions that would attract candidates that are looking for a family first, flexible and fair employer. We've also taken advantage of great relationships with potential candidates in our network to promote this unique offer and attract the best talent.


  • 9 engineers hired for 3 different roles: fullstack, devops and QA engineer
  • Optimized cost per hire thanks to our unique pricing model
  • Worksuite's unique culture promoted in our vast network of candidates
  • First relevant candidates presented after just 3 days
  • First interviews after 1 week
  • 100% engagement to make sure we're providing top notch services

"My company was looking for talented software engineers with broad expertise. It was challenging to find the right people, but with Jacek's help we found just the right ones! His approach was very flexible. When looking for candidates he prioritized what was important for us. He also made sure to find candidates that matched the company's culture and therefore will not seek to change jobs quickly after joining. And most importantly he was quick! We scheduled the technical interviews with some (good!) candidates just a week after he started his search. I have only gratitude for him and whole-heartedly recommend his services!"

Piotr Gabryjeluk

Head of Engineering, Worksuite

Hire the first candidate

CoinMetro + 16bit Recruitment case study

1 candidate 1 challenging role 1 hire 2 weeks to hire

Business need

Coinmetro is a globally ambitious fintech building a new standard in finance. They are a traditional financial institution that understands the complexities and benefits of blockchain, crypto, and the growing community that supports them. Think of them as the conduit by which technology breathes new life into traditional finance. Among different technical and business roles CoinMetro was in need of a very senior System Operations Engineer to take the lead of cloud systems engineering.


Due to the ongoing cloud revolution companies are finding it very challenging to hire SysOps / DevOps engineers. The demand for this role significantly exceeds the number of candidates available on the market.

After talking with the HR and tech team at CoinMetro to understand this role in depth, we already had the perfect candidate in mind. Again thanks to our great network of candidates we have reached out to this one perfect specialist, that we knew would be interested in this kind of opportunity. And well.... It was a match!


  • 1 challenging role closed (among others that we've helped with - including C-level and engineering positions)
  • Optimized cost thanks to our unique pricing model
  • 2 weeks to hire the perfect candidate
  • Once again the first presented candidate got hired by our client
  • 1 hour to find the right candidate
  • 100% engagement to make sure we're providing top notch services

"On the behalf of Coinmetro team, it has been pure pleasure to work with 16bit on several different recruitment projects. They have helped us with finding C-level roles all over the globe as well as junior and senior developers in various locations in a very short period of time. Communication is always smooth and transparent, which is a key to a sucessful recruitment project. Looking forward to work on even more projects together!"

Villu Mikk

People Operations Partner, CoinMetro